Introducing our Battery & Electronic Waste Recycling Services – the sustainable solution for your business!

We understand the pressing need to protect the environment and comply with eco-regulations.
Our expert team offers hassle-free, efficient recycling solutions, safeguarding your brand’s reputation and reducing your carbon footprint.

From lithium-ion batteries to obsolete electronics, we partner with facilities that employ state-of-the-art technology to extract valuable resources and safely dispose of hazardous components. Partnering with us ensures you adhere to green initiatives while promoting corporate responsibility. Let us handle your recycling needs, unlocking hidden value and fostering a cleaner future. Embrace sustainability and innovation – choose our Battery & Electronic Waste Recycling Services today!

We can recycle all listed NTCRS electrical devices (National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme) which includes:
We also recycle all other electrical items including:
We DO NOT accept:

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